GoodYear 20.5R25 Unisteel

GoodYear 20.5R25 Unisteel for wheel loaders and articulated dumpers.
One tire is slighty damaged on the side.


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GoodYear 20.5R25 Unisteel


Since the 1930’s, when the OTR tire was introduced, to leading the way with Admiral Byrd’s Alaska expedition in 1940 and beyond, we’ve tailored our OTR tire technologies to fit the needs of the customer – knowing that your equipment’s performance requirements are every bit as unique as your business.

Our exclusive technologies like Goodyear Cycle Max Tread Compound, which helps haul trucks run faster and longer; Goodyear Hi-Stability Carcass Technology, which offers enhanced lateral stability; and others have been designed with the achievement of your objectives in mind.

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